Why use FleetWizard?

FleetWizard combines unrivalled functionality in an affordable package that’s within the reach of every business. Using FleetWizard to manage a vehicle fleet or mobile workforce will quickly result in major savings, increased control and happier, more loyal customers.


  • Less planning time – 90% if fully automated
  • Fuel savings – up to 20% fewer road miles via superior scheduling and routing
  • Reduced CO2 emissions – thanks to fewer road miles
  • Less administration and paperwork – through automating manual processes


  • Real time data – for a complete picture of vehicles and workforce location
  • Improved margins – identify and eliminate unprofitable jobs
  • Monitoring – produce activity reports as desired
  • Time management – time freed from the routine for more profitable work

Happier customers

  • Faster process from order to delivery – because of quicker, dynamic planning
  • Accurate order status information – on customer demand
  • Automated customer communications – keeping them informed and satisfied

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