From less than £1 per vehicle per day

We believe all our customers should get the best price we can offer and we’re happy to publish these prices right here:

FleetWizard Module

Price per vehicle per month from

1.   Transport Management System An easy-to-use, flexible system which includes all the functionality required to manage any type of transport operation from order to invoice.


2.   Mobile Working Great looking, easy-to-use apps for phones or PDAs which will impress you and your customers with their functionality.

+ £10

3.   Automated Planning Combines sophisticated mathematical algorithms with your business rules, producing fully optimised transport plans in seconds.

+ £10

These monthly fees include all maintenance, licensing, training and support. We like to work on monthly fees as these encourage partnership and are more palatable for most businesses. However, we’re equally happy to work on a software purchase basis.

The cost of our Bespoke Solutions>> will depend on the size of the job, but once we’ve scoped what’s required, we’ll be open, honest and clear about the costs involved.

We guarantee the savings our software will generate for your business will exceed the monthly cost.

(Please note that a minimum charge of £150 per month per module applies).

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