What is FleetWizard?

Easy-to-use, fully-functional software that transforms transport and logistics operations for less than £1 per vehicle per day

FleetWizard is an easy-to-use software system enabling efficiency gains and service improvements in any business which conducts operations through a vehicle fleet or mobile workforce. FleetWizard is packaged into three customisable products or we can meet complex needs with our Bespoke Solutions:

  1. A comprehensive Transport Management System which includes all the functionality required to manage any type of transport operation from order to invoice… learn more>>
  2. Our Mobile Working Solutions are great looking, easy-to-use apps for phones or PDAs which will impress you and your customers with their functionality… learn more>>
  3. Automated Planning which combines sophisticated mathematical algorithms with your business rules to produce fully optimised transport plans in seconds… learn more>>
  4. Bespoke Solutions can be provided where unique requirements need to be met… learn more>>