Automated Planning

Combines sophisticated mathematical algorithms with your business rules, producing fully optimised transport plans in seconds

Whatever the size and complexity of your business, if you’re running a vehicle fleet then you’ve got to make a multi-route transport plan every day. The more efficient the plan, the greater the cost saving and the better service your business will provide. But this is a complex and labour-intensive task. FleetWizard’s Automated Planning produces highly efficient plans in seconds.

And because FleetWizard is built with highly advanced routing and scheduling optimisation, the transport plans it produces will almost certainly involve fewer road miles, reduce fuel spend and increase vehicle utilisation. Some using businesses have reduced fuel spend by 20%.

Automated Planning takes driver and vehicle resources, combines them with the order book or workload and quickly produces a viable multi-route plan which minimises road miles and increases vehicle utilisation. The plan takes account of customer requirements such as delivery times, special access or route constraints, what is being carried, vehicle size and capability, driver’s capability and hours. Plus, we build in your business rules and you can manually edit the plan once it’s produced.

What do you get? What does it do for you?
Automated transport planning (allows for manual modifications) Massively reduce planning time, releasing key staff for more profitable work
Routing & Scheduling Optimisation Reduce road miles, fuel spend and CO2 emissions
Dynamic transport planning – jobs added and schedules changed instantly Increase vehicle utilisation and reduce empty running

Any business can benefit from FleetWizard’s Automated Planning, especially at £10 per vehicle per month. It’s made easy, can be installed or hosted and is backed up with full training and support.

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