Transport Management System

Comprehensive functionality for £10 per vehicle per month

FleetWizard’s Transport Management System is easy-to-use and includes all the functionality required to manage any type of transport operation from order to invoice.

What do you get? What does it do for you?
Job booking – customised for your job type and method of input or upload Automate manual processes
Customer job entry using online portal – if required Reduce data entry and enhances service
Manual transport planning on ‘Virtual Whiteboard’ and map screens Makes transport planning simple and easy
Single-route and schedule optimisation in-built to transport planning Reduce road miles and fuel bills
Driver management and information records including scanned document storage Easy administration
Vehicle management and maintenance records and schedules Easy administration
Integrated Vehicle Workshop module Records costs and manages vehicle availability
Integrated Warehouse and Stock Management module, customer web portal – if required Easier planning, accurate stock management and enhanced service
Automatic invoicing, to set times Never miss sending an invoice and always charge the right rate
Interface to accounts software Avoid double, or triple, data entry
Sub-contractor billing reconciliation Reduce administration of processing payments
Purchase order processing Ensure all costs and expenses are recorded and measured
Scanned document attachment eg. PODs Save time matching paper documents
Management or customer reports to any required criteria Understand profitability and gain control

FleetWizard’s Transport Management System can be adapted to the exact demands of any business, whatever the size and business sector. It’s fully supported, can be installed or hosted and is brilliant value, delivering all these benefits for £10 per vehicle per month – see our Pricing here >>

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