CORAS MOJO Routing Cars

Motoring Operations Job Optimising

Automatic routing and scheduling for driven vehicle deliveries (trade plates) that optimally creates trips and assigns resources in a fraction of the time of a manual planning process. CORAS MOJO offers a pay as you go with a short-term contract.  No large up-front capital expenditures for hardware and software. Therefore, no risk.

CORAS MOJO is highly flexible and configurable to your needs. Plan adheres to time / location constraints, carry-overs, public transport, and final vehicle collection being near a driver’s home. You plan to succeed, therefore protecting and enhancing customer relationships. You can be confident that the routing result is efficient, reliable, and achievable.

Upload excel/.csv file or better still, take advantage of our Open API to integrate our fleet management route optimization system into the heart of your operation.

Vehicles, traffic, and customer conditions are constantly fluctuating and last-minute changes therefore, inevitable. CORAS MOJO makes it easy to tweak the plans with drag & drop and re-optimise single routes.

Once your routes have been optimized, push the plan out to your drivers with the addition of FW-POD, our Electronic Proof of Delivery ePOD app. Real-time traffic information and tracking ensures that you know where delays happen and can stay on top of your game by reacting fast to the ever-changing scenarios.

Keeping your customers in the loop as to current delivery location and time of arrival is essential for many businesses. With FW POD you can proactively send out advanced email ETA notifications.

CORAS MOJO is also designed for easy installation and user-friendly interface to get up and running in no time!


This product is a derivative of CORAS so has all its features


  • CORAS MOJO only plans collection if within a set no. of miles from driver’s address.
  • CORAS MOJO only plans jobs that return driver within a set no. of miles from driver’s address.
  • Plans carryover vehicle at driver’s address and the next day’s first collection.
  • Route profitability report
  • Set cost (default + £ per mile after x miles)
  • Weekly payroll report to pay drivers for jobs completed.
  • Mark job late if driver has not arrived on site after 15 mins past ETA.
  • FW POD – Non-conformance, driver availability and timesheets, configurable vehicle checklists & job expenses

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