Waste Management


FW Waste is a Waste Management Software product designed around the concept of contractual waste removal arrangements, efficient transport planning and scheduling of routes, jobs, and collections. By affording the user various means of managing daily/weekly activity, workload can be efficiently managed, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Daily/Weekly collection schedules can be created with touch of a button and contract balances easily reviewed and updated. Automatically generated, scheduled work orders can be assigned vehicles, work force, materials capacity and designated into sequence for completion. Further refinement can be optimised then tracked by integration to multiple onboard devices. Completing jobs and utilising assets to ensure timely and profitable execution.

Delivering extensive control over in house or subcontractor waste logistics and recycling materials planning processes. Manage multiple hazardous and non-hazardous material types from collection to recycling, refurbishing, reprocessing, safe disposal, and production processes. Manage inventory and value for profitable sales of finished goods.

FW Waste has designed the Waste Management Software product to plan, instruct and track subcontractor waste transport activities in real time. Master data and work order deliver the instruction to the vehicle team for execution, connecting and tracking vehicle activities, operators, and on-board devices. The disposal order confirms materials destination, cost, and weight for automated integrated accounts payable processes in finance and accounting.

FW Waste will provide a full waste collection and disposal-recycling service with all the audit documentation that ensures you meet the legal and environmental regulations on disposal of your waste.


Create schedules for regular collection items & generate bulk collections based on the required frequency
Create Jobs Manually, by Excel import, stored template, repeat job function or schedule
Orders to invoice capability
Create contracts for your regular customers and maintain balances
Automatically email ePOD on completion
Email invoice with ePOD or Scanned in POD attachements
Automatic POP creation for purchasing and subcontractors
Purchase order processing & Invoice reconciliation
Plan Jobs with drag and drop or Optimise Routes
Store key reminders, like tax, MOT, and service dates against your vehicles and receive notifications
Customer Web Portal
Subcontractor Web Portal
Complete audit trail against any contract and consignment
Export to accounts packages, Xero, Sage, and Pegasus Opera
Consignment notes generated and emailed automatically at point of collection and tipping if mobile working is utilised
Track PDA and send out advanced email ETA notifications using FW POD our ePOD app.
Detailed non-conformance functionality embedded to allow for complete audit trail against any consignment

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A significant cost saving by reducing paper and duplication
Improved management information – updates in real time, not at the end of the day
Administrators can define how issues are reported ensuring they comply with existing business processes e.g. missed collections
Information about services provided at specific addresses made available
A significant saving on accounts admin’s time, increasing accuracy and improving cash flowe
Same day planning far more efficient seeing savings in staff costs and increased revenue/volume turnover through the fleet as a direct result
Delivering greater control, tracking, monitoring and governance in the field
Significant reduction in miles driven
Better utilisation of vehicles with associated reductions in carbon dioxide emissions
Easy Quarterly Hazardous waste reports to Environment agency

What our customers say:

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