Any facet of the bulk transportation of aggregates can be accommodated by the FW Aggregates solution. Employing a variant on our TMS the software caters for many types of bulk movement from Skip-hire, supply & deliver to waste away and bulk order call off and return loads.

Product and resource costing mechanism ensure you understand the cost of service and supply and as with all our software numerous rate tables are available to allow calculation of your revenues and facilitate invoicing upon completion. Resulting in significant returns in materials operations, logistics and accounting and financial processes.

Also in common with our other solutions real time information and tracking data can be obtained if the FW POD is deployed.


Job booking catering for all industry job types eg. Waste Away, Skip-Hire, Supply and Deliver, Bulk Deliveries & Return Loads
Create & Email Quotations and turn into jobs seamessly
Orders to invoice capability
Automatically email ePOD on completion
Email invoice with ePOD or Scanned in POD attachments
Comprehensive tariff and cost management functionality
Planning can be drag & drop or map based with operational constraints
Store key reminders, like tax, MOT, and service dates against your vehicles and receive notifications
Track PDA and send out advanced email or SMS ETA notifications using FW-POD, our ePOD app.
Complete audit trail against any job
Export to accounts packages, Xero, Sage, and Pegasus Opera
Purchase order processing & invoice reconciliation
Scanned document module e.g., PODs, weighbridge
Optional Bluetooth portable printers for on-the-job pods/invoices

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Benefits – Real bottom line impact

System designed for aggregates industry’s needs and requirements
Portable printers allowing for instant, accurate cash invoices/paperwork
Increased accuracy and efficiency through fast, secure electronic data management
A significant saving on accounts admin’s time, increasing accuracy and improving cash flow
Same day planning far more efficient seeing savings in staff costs and increased revenue/volume turnover through the fleet as a direct result
A significant cost saving by reducing paper and duplication
Convert agreed quotes to jobs with minimum of effort
Cost management & analysis for whole supply and sales process
Improved safety,compliance and efficiency through mobile working and built in industry functions
Improved cash flow thanks to earlier confirmed collections/deliveries enabling earlier billing
Work with a vendor that understands your industry


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