Cost Optimised Routing and Scheduling

Our automatic routing and scheduling software will create trips and assigns resources in a fraction of the time of a manual planning process. It is just as happy with big fleets as with small and deals with parcels, pallets and other loads or jobs.

CORAS is highly flexible and configurable to your needs. Plans produced adhere to delivery time and location constraints, so you plan to succeed, thereby protecting and enhancing customer relationships.

You can use CORAS to plan manually, and then optimize your routes. But the BIG benefits come from using automated delivery route optimization planning. Upload an excel/.csv file or, better still, take advantage of our Open API to integrate CORAS into the heart of your operation.

The system automatically considers driver and vehicle availability, customer time windows and restrictions, historical traffic data and delivery prioritization during the route optimization process. You can be confident that the routing result is efficient, reliable, and achievable.

Vehicles, traffic, and customer conditions are constantly fluctuating, and last-minute changes are likely. CORAS makes it easy to tweak the plans with drag & drop and re-optimise single routes.

Once your routes have been optimized, push the plan out to your drivers with the addition of FW POD, our Electronic Proof of Delivery ePOD app. Real-time traffic information and tracking ensures that you know where delays happen and can stay on top of your game by reacting fast to the ever-changing scenarios.

Keeping your customers in the loop as to current delivery location and time of arrival is essential for many businesses. With FW POD you can proactively send out advanced email ETA notifications.

Using CORAS is easy: Pay-As-You-Go; short-term contract; no large up-front cost; processing included. So, no risk. CORAS takes no holidays and doesn’t get sick.

CORAS is designed for easy installation and use to get you up and running quickly!



Considers driver and vehicle availability, customer time windows and restrictions and delivery prioritizationReduced admin
Configurable to run across multiple resource sets and order wellsLess Miles – Lower transportation costs
You can plan ahead of time, by depot or vehicleReduced carbon footprint
Accommodates multi-drop and full load optimisingLess resources used and greater utilisation of existing assets
Import jobs by Excel/CSV or open API and Export planIt’s a low risk investment, there is no need to change your current systems
Variable planning parameters available for automatic routingReduced order lead times
Re-optimise a single route or selected set of routes after manual changesMore flexibility to accommodate drivers and crew preferences
The software can determine the most appropriate depot / site to service an order or can be constrained to use a “fixed” source location.Better compliance with driver logs, regulations, and work rules
Track PDA and send out advanced email ETA notifications using FW-POD, our ePOD appImproved customer experience
Detailed non-conformance functionality embedded to allow for complete audit trail against any consignment. 
Our ePOD app, FW-POD, allows drivers to log proof of delivery signatures, photos and comments 

CORAS Automatic routing can be used with or without our user friendly mobile application, FW POD.Discover more about our FW POD here.

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