Integrated Toolkit

Making the complex simple

Connecting through EDI’s, our own API or simply importing CSV or excel files, we have solutions to meet the varying demands of your customers.

Batch Job Import

Whether it is your clients importing files on the portal or you are receiving files via our API or CSV/Excel, it certainly speeds up the process of job entry.

3rd party integrations

Whether its Samsara, Cloudfy, or Navman, we have integration bolt-ons for many 3rd party providers and are happy to work with new ones.

Accounts Integration

Approved invoices can be batch exported from FleetWizard and imported into your existing accounts systems. We can export to Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Pegasus Opera.


Reduced headcount or reallocation of staff to more productive activities.
Effort will be saved in reducing manual activity, re-keying of data.
Reduced emails, post and faxes.
Less effort to be expended in chasing supply related issues.
Savings associated with faster turnaround of orders, collection of cash and thus improved cash flow.
Improved customer service – it will be possible to handle greater volumes of data with ease.
Elimination of secondary keying with its associated reduction of errors and improved knowledge of stock situations.
Improved efficiency of staff time and usage, accurate scheduling, and the minimisation of turnaround times.

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